WINSTON WRIGHT - The Liquidator Strikes Back - LP

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Winston Wright is another unsung hero from the Jamaican musical cannon. Although many might not know his name, you will have heard him on many records in your collections. When we say that it was he who played that classic Hammond organ riff on the 1969 ‘Liquidator’ classic, as part of the Harry J Allstars, we might begin to appreciate his talents that bit more. But not only this, many 1970’s classics carry his organ, piano and arranging skills and even before that time, many tunes cut in the 1960’s,as part of Duke Reid’s house band Tommy McCook’s Supersonics, carried the Winston Wright signature sound.


1 Crazy Fingers
    Rhythm Source: ‘Anywhere’ Ronnie Davis
2 Winston’s Last Train
    Rhythm Source: ‘Last Train To Expo 67’
3 Return of the Liquidator
    Rhythm Source: ‘The Liquidator’
4 Lost In Time
    Rhythm Source: ‘If I Could Rule The World’
5 Dillion On My Mind
    Rhythm Source: ‘Queen Majesty’
6 Ali Baba Shuffle
    Rhythm Source: ‘Ali Ba Ba’
7 Summertime Rock
    Rhythm Source: ‘Waiting In Vain’

1 Winston Do It
    Rhythm Source: ‘Who Done It’
2 Dreamy Girl
    Rhythm Source: ‘Girl Of My Dreams’
3 Stars In Your Eyes
    Rhythm Source: ‘Stars’
4 Be Careful
    Rhythm Source: ‘Those Guys’
5 Rising Tide
    Rhythm Source: ‘Tide Is High’
6 Nightlife Melody
    Rhythm Source: ‘Every Night’
7 Bubbling Organ
    Rhythm Source: ‘Time So Hard’ Ronnie Davis

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