Various - REAL GONE RACKET Vol.2 - LP

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After 6 years, here comes a brand spankin' NEW volume of Real Gone Racket from the very same idiot that brought you the CORN FED series Sixteen Killer 50's & 60's cuts with 95% of 'em being comp'd on vinyl for the very first time and just in case you thought that all the good stuff had already been comp'd? you might want to think again.....From Raw Garagey Rockers by Ronnie & the Sinsahuns and Johnny & The Nite Ryders to hot Rock'N'Roll from Doug Ardoin & The Boogie Kings and Johnnie Rivers, to haunting moody stroll from Danny & the Del-Aires and The Jags to sloppy instro pounding from The David Levine Trio.

If you love the Desperate Rock'NRoll LP's then you probably think this is ain't too bad either.

Strictly limited pressing of only 500 copies!
Full colour cover with label shots & sleeve notes written by a real live Gorilla.


š’šˆšƒš„ A
šŸ. š‘šŽšššˆš„ & š“š‡š„ š’šˆšš’š€š’š‡š”šš’ ā€“ š‹š€š”š†š‡ šˆš“ š”š šš€šš˜ ā€“ š–š‡š€šŒ
šŸ. š’š‡š€š…š…šˆš„š‘ š’šŒšˆš“š‡ & š“š‡š„ š“š„šŒššŽ'š’ ā€“ šŒš˜ š†š‘š€š•š˜ š“š‘š€šˆš šˆš’ š†šŽšš„ ā€“ š‘š„š€š‚š“
šŸ‘. š‡šŽš‘š€š‚š„ š‘š„š„š•š„š’ & š“š‡š„ š‡š€ššš˜ š…šˆš•š„ ā€“ š’š‡š„'š’ šŒš˜ šš€šš˜ ā€“ šŒš€š’š“š„š‘
šŸ’. ššŽš˜šƒ šˆšš†š‘š€šŒ ā€“ šˆ š–š€šš“ š“šŽ š“š€šŠš„ š˜šŽš” šŽš”š“ ā€“ š€š‘šŠ
šŸ“. š†š„šš„ šŠš„ššš„šƒš˜ ā€“ šƒšŽš'š“ š“š„š€š‘ šŒš˜ šš‹š€š˜š‡šŽš”š’š„ šƒšŽš–š ā€“ šŽš‹šƒ š“šŽš–š
šŸ”. šƒšŽš”š† š€š‘šƒšŽšˆš & š“š‡š„ ššŽšŽš†šˆš„ šŠšˆšš†š’ (š•š‚š‹ š„š‹šš„š‘š“ šŒšˆš‹š‹š„š‘) ā€“ š’šŽš”š“š‡š‹š€ššƒ - š‰šˆš
šŸ•. š‰šŽš‡šššˆš„ š‘šˆš•š„š‘š’ ā€“ šƒšŽš'š“ šš”š† šŒš„ šš€šš˜ ā€“ š‘šˆš•š„š‘š€šˆš‘š„
šŸ–. šƒš€ššš˜ & š“š‡š„ šƒš„š‹-š€šˆš‘š’ ā€“ š’š€šŒš”š‘š€ ā€“ š’š“š‘šˆšš„

š’šˆšƒš„ A
šŸ. ššˆš‹š‹ š’š“š€šŒšš„š‘ & š“š‡š„ šš”š„š’š“šˆšŽšš’ ā€“ šˆ šš„š•š„š‘ š“š‡šŽš”š†š‡š“ šˆ'šƒ š’š„š„ š“š‡š„ šƒš€š˜ ā€“ š‹šŽš˜
šŸ. š‰šŽš‡ššš˜ š–šˆš‹š’šŽš ā€“ š“š–šˆ-š‹šˆš†š‡š“ ā€“ š™šŽšš„ ā€“ š‚šŽš‘šŽššŽšƒšŽ
šŸ‘. šš”š“š‚š‡ š‹š„š’š“š„š‘ ā€“ š“š‡š„ š‚š€š‘ š€ššƒ šŠš„š˜š’ ā€“ š.š„.š’.
šŸ’. šš”š™š™ & š€š‹ ā€“ š–šˆš‹š‹ š˜šŽš”, š‡š”š‡? ā€“ š‰šˆšŒš’šŠšˆš
šŸ“. š‰šŽš‡ššš˜ & š“š‡š„ ššˆš“š„ š‘š˜šƒš„š‘š’ ā€“ šˆ š‡š€šƒ š€ š†šˆš‘š‹ ā€“ šš„š‘š…š„š‚š“šˆšŽš
šŸ”. š“š‡š„ š‚šŽš”šš“š‘š˜šŒš„š (š•š‚š‹: š‘šŽš š‹šˆššˆšš†š„š‘) ā€“ š…š‹š€š‘š„-š”š ā€“ š€š”šƒšˆšŽ š€šƒš•š„šš“š”š‘š„š’
šŸ•. š“š‡š„ š‰š€š†š’ (š•š‚š‹: š–š€š‹š“ š‚š‹š€š‘šŠ) ā€“ š‹šŽš’š“ š–šŽšŒš€š ā€“ š’šŽšŒš€
šŸ–. šƒš€š•šˆšƒ š‹š„š•šˆšš„ š“š‘šˆšŽ ā€“ šŽš‘šˆš„šš“š€š‹ š‘šŽš‚šŠ ā€“ š‹š„š•šˆšš„

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