Solarflares - That was then... and so is this - LP (pink vinyl)

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Side A

  1. The Solarflares - Can't Get You Out of My Mind
  2. The Solarflares - It's Alright
  3. The Solarflares - A Right and a Wrong Way
  4. The Solarflares - Miles Away
  5. The Solarflares - Get It Together
  6. The Solarflares - Sucking Out My Insides

Side B

  1. The Solarflares - Picture of You
  2. The Solarflares - The Mountain
  3. The Solarflares - Angel Interceptor
  4. The Solarflares - Seperate Ways
  5. The Solarflares - Inside Unseen
  6. The Solarflares - Souvenir

“That was Then… and so is This”, their sophomore set, came out on Twist in 2000 and features less gloriously distorto production but don’t let that fool ya into thinking it’s a slouch – no sir. The album’s expanded, richer and more defined (dare I say, cinematic?) sonic palette encompasses kinetic acoustic riffery (“Miles Away”), fuzztastic beaters (“Sucking Out My Insides”) and the obvs Gerry Anderson-inspired (“Angel Interceptor”) – tis a stone pleasure, indeed!

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