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2nd album by THE swedish 60s Mod/Beat-Band - recorded at TOE RAG Studios in London/UK!! Comes with 6-page folded booklet

Ground Shaker
About You
Look At Your Face
Down On My Knees
All I Can Do
Get Yourself Together
Adventures Of Gunnar Gnauck
You Have Me
Igor The Dog
Do The Wolf
All Good Things

The Moving Sounds just returned from London/UK based TOE RAG Studios where they tracked down their 2nd album - 'Ground Shaker'.
The swedish band is well known for their authentic -but by no means dusty- hammond fuelled, fuzzed up 60s sound and Toe Rag is best known for their original 60s equipment and top notch producers. So guess what kind of ACE album resulted out of this will hit your stereo like a bomb, makes you jumping around, singalong and begging for more.

What the press said:
The Moving Sound have been rattling out their firebrand mod garage pop for half a decade, and aren't showing any signs of going off the boil. The super Swedes have unleashed an blistering hammond fueled fuzzed out hip shaker in form of their latest LP 'Groundshaker'. The title track kicks the album of with a finger snapping backbeat and a three pronged attack of hammond, bass and tuff R'n'B guitar. It's tough to place the track as it falls exactly between the space left by The Spencer Davis Group, The Smoke and Booker T & the MGs. It's got soul, it's got fuzz, it's got attitude... and something unique... just somethin' else, somethin' great.

'Look at Your Face' picks up the tempo with a ferocious garage riff that is straight from the Nuggets box set. Snot fuelled rasps spit out over three chords and fuck you. Where many have tried to make this kind of monstrous beat and failed, The Moving Sound trim away all the fatty frills and gun straight for the dance floor jugular. The whole LP is a barnstorming beat-a-thon, and their love of groups like The Nazz, and Count Five. It's tuff and ready for action... a five man flick-knife fight on Portobello Road... a fantastic Freakbeater.... a mean eyed Mod band... a band you should really catch on the circuit if you can.

All in all, it's a pretty relentless LP that harks back to a time when pop meant something and riffs were something to keep lean and overdriven. Few tracks break the golden 3 minute mark, and the only real drawback that I can think of is the very fact that the mastering has left it all a little too bright. Some analogue hiss may just convince a non knower that they'd discovered a lost sixties classic LP. In saying that, do yourself a favour. Buy this and make sure they don't suffer the same obscure fate as many of their influences. Fantastic.

taken from:

One of my fave bands from Sweden, Moving Sounds are back with their 2nd album 'Ground Shaker'. 'Ground Shaker' doesn't follow where 'Don't Sleep On This' stopped. This time it's more neo 80s garage with more of soul and r'n'b influences which reminds me of old The Creeps stuff. Soul and groovy element is stronger than before. Great Hammond organ leads are still there, as well as fat fuzz guitar. ...., "Ground Shaker" is definitelly one of the best albums of this year. 11 songs, all killers....
taken from:

Another winner from Swedish Mods the Moving Sounds. Good artwork and good sounds too match. A cool mix of originals and a couple of scene favourites like the Richard Kent Styles 'all good things' and an obscure cover version of a Swedish number called 'Igor the dog'. A cheeky re-write of 'Glory be/ Du hast mich' sound good. Stand out track for me is title track “ground shaker”.
taken from New Untouchables Newsletter

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