MARIANNE FAITHFULL - a la Television 1965-1967 - LP



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The French have always loved Marianne Faithfull and the feeling is reciprocated: today she has a flat in Paris on the grand Boulevard du Montparnasse. Back in the mid-1960’s Marianne was a regular performer on French television: such shows provide the majority of the songs featured here, all presented in excellent sound quality.


Side One
1. Come And Stay With Me 2. Plaisir d’Amour 3. As Tears Go By 4. Go Away From My World 5. Yesterday 6. Nuits d’Eté 7. What Have They Done With The Rain? 8. Hier Ou Demain 9. Interview with Brian Epstein

Side Two
1. This Little Bird 2. Come And Stay With Me 3. What Have They Done With The Rain/As Tears Go By 4. There But For Fortune 5. Come And Stay With Me 6. Yesterday 7. Nuits d’Eté 8. Si Demain

Recording Details
Side One
1-6. Scène de L’Olympia, Discorama 1966
7. A Tous Vents 1966
8. Dents de Lait Dents de Loup 11/1/67
9. Hullaballoo 19/01/65
Side Two
1-3. Shindig 07/07/65
4. Shindig 14/10/65
5-7. Music Hall de France 1966
8.. Melody French TV 1965 / Tom Jones Show 1966

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