JOVIAN TEA - Strange World // Red And Green Talking Machine - 7inch

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Some twenty-five years ago, a pair of amazing songs emerged on a compilation called 'Incredible Sound Show Stories Vol. 1 (The Technicolour Milkshake)', reportedly from a mysterious, white-label acetate from the U.K., circa 1967, which had no band or songwriting credits listed. Many moons later, Stu Pope from Hypnotic Bridge Records was playing the songs for Chris Mercado (The Mad Walls) and Glenn Brigman (Triptides) in The Green Room at Hypnotic Bridge HQ and it was decided this glorious psych-pop single should be brought to our shared illusory reality by recording it anew as faithfully as possible under the moniker Jovian Tea. Stu transcribed the songs; Glenn and Chris worked their musical magic, and as the rest is, hopefully, history (as it should have been all along). Though we're not sure which song was originally intended as the A-side, intuition tells us it was 'Strange World' (though both songs are equally wonderful). 'Strange World' is classic psychedelia from the first line of the lyrics, relating the musings of a whimsical soul who, lying horizontally, looks up and reflects on how watching a fly traverse the ceiling makes it feel as though he's upside down. The perspective then shifts to that of the fly, who laments how the people below continually try to destroy his kind. We suspect the song's unknown author was a fan of The Pink Floyd (and Syd Barrett in particular). 'Red And Green Talking Machine' is the tale of a frustrated young fellow, quite possibly the same one who's been observing diptera dancing on the plaster skies above, bemoaning the lack of "keenness" on the part of his pet parrot, who apparently isn't much of a talker after all. Sheer psychedelic brilliance.

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