GANGSTERS, GEEZERS and MODS - book (engl.)

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Steve, Rebecca and Baggy are the products of tough upbringings in working class, inner-city Birmingham, All three set out on a life of crime, and although they are often accomplices, there is a rivalry between Steve and Baggy that stems from an incident in their youth.
Many comical and chaotic adventures follow as they hustle their way through life, participating in the fierce conflict between Aston Villa and Birmingham City fans and interacting with the youth culture around them. Things become more sinister when a legendary local underworld figure enters their lives and changes things forever. When Steve’s relationship with Rebecca ends abruptly, he meets Kerri during a successful con-trick and a whirlwind romance ensues, and Baggy embarks on a relationship that adds more to the tension between the two men. Steve goes on to great success with the help of a new partner-in-crime, while Baggy descends into crime and chaos, before a chain of increasingly sinister events leads to the return of a figure from the past and a violent, tense finale. Who will come out on top?

Paperback - author: Stephen Pennell

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