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Acid Jazz presents one of Afrobeat's most mysterious and rare records by a former schoolteacher, boxer, Jacques Chirac's bodyguard, and Beninese musical visionary: Ferry Djimmy - Rhythm Revolution.

The album was originally recorded in the mid-1970s in support of Benin's revolutionary leader Mathieu Kérékou. Rumour has it that less than two hundred copies survived a late-'70s fire.

The resulting album is one of the toughest and deepest slices of African funk ever cut, combining raw African rhythms with distortion, energy and wit. In spite of obvious nods to James Brown, Fela Kuti, George Clinton and Jimi Hendrix, Ferry managed to create something very unique. Eight slices of raw garage-funk from Benin as evidenced by the raw 'Carry Me Black', a definitive ode to blackness sung in the West African language Yoruba. A dozen years past Benin's independence from France, 'Be Free' tells the never-ending story about a country's disillusions and the importance of keeping some African roots, no matter how westernized it could be.


A1 Be Free 3:25 A2 Atakpa DC 9 3:35 A3 When I Come In The Road 3:45 A4 Brest DC 10 3:27

B1 Yong Revolution 3:30 B2 Carry Me Blak 3:33 B3 Atinga 3:25 B4 Ichango 3:55

C1 A Were We Coco C2 Egbemi Black C3 Love Love C4 Start To Pray

D1 Oluwa Loranmi Nichai D2 Toba Walemi D3 Chikri Man D4 My Dad Has Me To Kanm

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