DISTRACTORS - Subersiv Dekadent - LP (pink vinyl)

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A bit of Punk Rawk….Nothing remotely Rockabilly or 60’s punk on this one, more like early Saints, definitely a bit Replacements in part, something like a hard Nomads or Monomen (not the Garagey stuff).

A Liverpudlian and 3 Belgians make up The Distractors and they really nail that kind of mid-90’s Punk sound that was coming out of labels like Crypt et al. This is a joint release with the band so we have less copies than usual up for grabs….If you aren’t really into the Punk thing, then this is probably not your cup of tea !

Ltd edition pink vinyl. (Limited quantity available)


Everybody Hates Poetry
Grduges Don't Put Liquor In The Cabinet
If I Have To Die You Have To Die
Evil Mariachi
The Night Is Young (And So Are You)
Love You To The Max
Do Wrong Right
To Hell With Good Intentions
Bang Bang Bang
Stoop To That
You'll Never Take Us Alive
Long Live The Dead

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