CONNIE FRANCIS - A Date With ... - 10inch (Yel. vinyl)

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Originally issued in Japan on MGM ZL-5066 in 1962

Titles 1, 2, 5 and 6 are all sung in Japanese and were all big hits in the land of the rising sun.
„Mr. Twister", recorded in 1961, originates from Connie's U.S. hit album „Do The Twist" MGM E/SE-4022.
„Don't Break The Heart That Loves You" was a #1 hit for Connie in 1962 in the US and a worldwide hit.
„Teddy" (1960), written by Paul Anka, was the flipside to her million seller „Mama" in the US and charted independently of the A-Side at #17 in Billboard.
„When The Boy In Your Arms [Is The Boy In Your Heart]" was a Top 10 hit in Billboard and charted in 1961/1962 in many countries around the globe.

Comes in YELLOW vinyl


Side A
1- Too Many Rules 2 - Pretty Little Baby 3 - Mr Twister 4 - Don't Break The Heart That Loves You

1 - Someone Else's Boy 2 - Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart 3 - Teddy 4 - When The Boy In Your Arms

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